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Your mobile phone needs to have a front-facing camera. It is also recommended that your phone has at least 3 GB of RAM.

<ul><li>The minimum supported operating system is iOS 10.0.0 for iPhone users.</li><li>The minimum supported operating system is Android OS 7.0.0 for Android users.</li></ul>

You can download the Hedpay App from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store depending on the make of your mobile phone (iOS or Android).

The Hedpay App needs access to your location, contacts list, camera, and photos to function correctly.

  • Your location and camera are used for security purposes and to pass the KYC/AML verification process, which allows full app functionality on your phone.
  • Your contacts list is used for selecting fund transfer recipients.
  • Your camera and photos are used for account customization.