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The Hedpay Wallet is an innovative, proprietary, and decentralized finance application based on Blockchain technology.

Hedpay Wallets have several security layers.

  1. Registered accounts are protected by a personalized password.
  2. Generated wallets are secured with a password covering the unique private KEYs and addresses, which are safe and securely held in an encrypted database.
  3. Imported or personalized wallet keys are retained by users at their own risk (your keys, your assets, your risk) and are not the responsibility of Hedpay. More details are provided in our Whitepaper.


To exchange the cryptocurrencies in your wallet for FIAT money, go to the wallet's Convert section from the menu. You can then:

  1. Select the desired cryptocurrency asset.
  2. Set the desired amount.
  3. Once you see the market value of the desired asset versus the FIAT value, and if the price is accepted, you can proceed to exchange/convert.

The same applies to other cryptocurrencies available for exchanging, converting, or swapping. Please refer to the Exchange section for more details.

Upon successful registration for a Hedpay account, your wallet(s) is generated once your KYC verification is approved. You then have to set up 2FA (two-factor authentication) to activate your wallet for transactions.

Upon successful registration for a Hedpay account, you are given access to the BASIC account wallet. Your Hedpay wallet is a combination of generated or imported wallets (for the STANDARD and PRO levels) that allows you to deposit, store, stake, transfer, and exchange cryptocurrencies and other FIAT currencies such as US$, CAD$, EURO, and GBP. More details are provided in our Whitepaper.

There is no maximum limit to making deposits in your Hedpay Wallet for cryptocurrencies. Further details are provided once you set up an account.

There is, however, a limit for FIAT currencies on new accounts based on the banking laws of your jurisdiction (if applicable).

Furthermore, the deposit limit depends on the gradual use of the wallet, which can be up to $10,000,000 USD or the equivalent in any currency. More details are provided in our Whitepaper.

The minimum required value for a deposit is $30 USD or the equivalent in any currency.

Funds/assets (money or cryptocurrencies) are ready for use as soon as they are available in your wallet. You can access your funds/assets anytime, anywhere with the Hedpay App or on our website at www.hedpay.com. Please refer to the Transfers section to learn more about transfers.

These security measures are necessary to safeguard your wallet(s) and are required by the KYC regulatory laws.

Transactions within the Hedpay network are always FREE for peer-to-peer (between two Hedpay users) communication. You are charged for price changes and transferring your assets to another network. Conversions involve other parties and rates, which are out of Hedpay's control.

You will be charged a minimal transaction fee for converting to or exchanging for FIAT plus the rate change percentages. As for cryptocurrencies, there are no fees if the assets are on the same network (Blockchain). There are no GAS fees for exchanging within the same platform. However, you will be charged GAS fees for transferring to other networks.