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Yes, you can transfer reward earnings to your Hedpay wallet and transact with them at any given time.

The reward rate is set according to the amount staked annually and paid monthly. The reward is added to your fund wallet to accumulate more (APY), but you can transfer the reward earnings to the Hedpay MC wallet to use immediately.

You don’t have to close a Hedpay Fund Package as it will close automatically at maturity. However, you can decide to close the Hedpay Fund Package by canceling it at any time. Please note that you will lose the accumulated interest.

You cannot upgrade a Hedpay Fund Package that has already been staked. However, you can always add a new package or contribute an amount to the existing package.

The Hedpay Wallet is for safe keeping of your various digital assets. You can transfer your funds in and out of your Hedpay wallet, transfer them to other Hedpay users, or use them for trading, converting, or exchanging.

On the other hand, Hedpay Fund Packages are for earning rewards on locked deposits, which apply only to Hedpay tokens.

You can contribute to a Headpay Fund Package from the wallet section of your account on our website or app anytime, anywhere!

Tax declaration is based on your domiciled tax jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to declare taxes as required.

There is no limit on the number or type of Hedpay Fund Packages you can hold. However, the number of available packages is limited to a preset amount.

There is a 10% bonus added to the original staked amount at the end of the first year if it is topped off with a similar amount to stake for second year. The rewards of the second year are also calculated on the bonus amount as well.

As previously mentioned, reward earnings are calculated annually and paid out monthly. Upon cancellation of the Hedpay Fund Package, you will forfeit the reward of the current month.

Early withdrawal or pre-termination is considered to be equivalent to a cancellation (see above).

A Hedpay Fund Package is a sub-wallet where you can deposit your Hedpay tokens and earn rewards. Your reward rate is established based on your volume of deposits and the length of the period chosen to hold the deposits locked in the wallet.

The minimum starting package value is 10,000 Hdp, and the maximum is 500,000 Hdp. Further modifications may occur according to the market price value of the Hedpay Token or supply availability.

Several Hedpay Fund Packages exist and offer rewards ranging from 6% to 18% APY ROIs on Hedpay Tokens only. We plan to add more packages periodically based on user requests or the progress of certain cryptocurrency activities.

Reward earnings are credited to your wallet before the 5th of each month. Your previous month’s interest is the amount credited to your wallet.