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Prepaid Card

For those who enjoy

cashless spending and crypto rewards.

*Pre-register for your card for free!


A payment solution that gives you the freedom to spend your money where and how you want.

Hedpay prepaid cards are the perfect solution for people who avoid carrying cash or credit cards. The prepaid card connects directly with your wallet, making it easy to manage! Your account information stays fully private and secure, so your transactions are always safe!

The perfect way to avoid carrying cash or credit cards!


Pre-Launch offers

Annual fee waved the first year

Reward on spending - up to 3% in HdP

No Limit on spending bonus

Up to 10%* bonus in HdP on token purchase

*10% bonus is an Introductory offer for the first 6 months and it will be reduced to 5% after the end of the introductory offer period.