Account FAQ

How can I open a Hedpay account?

On the Hedpay website please click on _Register_, enter your personal data required and click on submit and you will receive activation code in your unique email provided in the data.

How can I open a personal account?

Hedpay account is free of charge and can be opened in a few minutes by filling in the registration form and performing the identification process by Hedpay Team. You will be able to use certain services in dependence on your account category. You can change or raise the account capacity at any time for free and receive access to more services offered by Hedpay.

How can I open a business account?

Business agent or agent account can be opened only by the head of a company who has a personal Hedpay account first with the identification verified and confirmed for the personal and business. The account can be easily opened by logging in to the personal account, selecting "agent account" and entering company's registration data.

Where can I find my account number?

Account is available for natural persons who have identification process done. Account number can be found by logging in to your Hedpay account and in the top menu BANKING select you will find the currencies you choose and relative account number next to it...

Can a natural person have several Hedpay accounts?

Yes, if there is a need, a natural person can have several Hedpay accounts. In order to create an additional account, please contact Hedpay support service department by email to

Fees for Hedpay account administration !

Hedpay account is FREE OF CHARGE. There are no accounts opening or any other fees, independently of how often you use the account. More information at:

How can I close my account?

You can close your account only when the account or accounts are at 0 balance and then by logging in to your Hedpay account send internal message to Hedpay Support of your request and reasons.

I have registered, but cannot log in !

After registering in Hedpay system you have to activate your account. The system sent you an email letter with the account activation link to the email address you indicated.

Is it safe to keep money on Hedpay account?

According to the Law on Payments, money of clients: * are held only on special bank accounts opened exclusively for money of clients; * are NOT used for needs of the company.

What should I do if I forget my password?

In order to reset your password, please click on _"forgot password"_ by the registration password field. The system will ask you to enter your UID number or email address which you use to log in to your Hedpay and reset the password by sending a new link.